List of finished doctoral theses

Nanomechanical Instability and Electron Interference Blockade in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots

Dissertation by Michael Schafberger (2019)

Superconductor-Insulator Transition and Charge-Phase Duality in TiN Nanowires

Dissertation by Ina Schneider (2018)

Application of graphene in electrochemical sensing

Dissertation by Masoumeh Sisakhti (2018)

Electrical and thermal transport coefficients of CoFe thin films deposited on a microcalorimeter

Dissertation by Sasmita Srichandan (2018)

Transport properties of critically disordered TiN films

Dissertation by Klaus Kronfeldner (2017)

Shot Noise Detection in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots

Dissertation by Daniel Steininger (2017)

Charge and spin transport in carbon nanotubes: From Coulomb blockade to Fabry-Perot interference

Dissertation by Alois Dirnaichner (2017)

Auf dem Weg zur DNA-Sequenzierung durch eine Nanopore in einer Si₃N₄-Membran, detektiert mittels einer Kohlenstoffnanoröhre

Dissertation by Juri Allerdings (2015)

Dephasing and quantum noise in an electronic Mach-Zehnder interferometer

Dissertation by Andreas Helzel (2013)

Non-linear conductance at the superconductor-insulator transition in titanium nitride

Dissertation by David Kalok (2013)

The Kondo effect in single wall carbon nanotubes with ferromagnetic contacts

Dissertation by Markus Gaaß (2012)

Spin Blockade Spectroscopy in a Carbon Nanotube Double Quantum Dot Transistor

Dissertation by Dominik O. Preusche-Rogstad (2011)

Carbon Nanotubes as Cooper Pair Beam Splitters

Dissertation by Lorenz Herrmann (2010)

Nonlinear vortex transport in mesoscopic channels of amorphous NbGe

Dissertation by Florian Otto (2010)

Multiwall carbon nanotube Josephson junctions with niobium contacts

Dissertation by Emiliano Pallecchi (2009)

Critical current in ferromagnet/superconductor hybrid structures

Dissertation by Wilfried Meindl (2009)

Induzierte Supraleitung in Nb/InAs-Hybridstrukturen in parallelen und senkrechten Magnetfeldern

Dissertation by Franziska Rohlfing (2008)

Spontaneous magnetic flux induced by ferromagnetic pi-junctions

Dissertation by Andreas Bauer (2005)

Interplay of bandstructure and quantum interference in multiwall carbon nanotubes

Dissertation by Bernhard Stojetz (2005)

Zur Strom-Phasen-Relation diffusiver Supraleiter/Normalleiter/Supraleiter Josephson-Kontakte

Dissertation by Johannes Bentner (2005)